The Wanderer

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Originally designed for military use, field watches emerged as indispensable companions for soldiers during World War I. These timepieces were built to withstand the rigors of the battlefield while providing essential timekeeping functionality; and our Wanderer is no different:

Robust Construction. Built with an IPS plated metal blend, the Wanderer ensures its ability to withstand harsh environments and rugged activities, all while remaining lightweight and comfortable on your wrist.

Legible Dial. A testament to their military origin, the Wanderer boasts a clean and highly legible dial. The use of contrasting colors, Arabic numerals, and luminescent hands ensures easy readability at a glance, even in low-light conditions.

Practical Size. The 42mm case of the Wanderer sits comfortable on any wrist. This makes it easy to wear and suitable for a variety of occasion while still maintaining a strong presence on the wearer's arm.

Reliable Movement. The Wanderer houses the dependable and steady Miyota 2035 movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping over extended periods without the need for constant adjustments.